The award-winning Champs-Elysées Day Spa is the perfect place to escape from the everyday stresses of life and surrender to an experience of luxurious pampering in a serene environment promoting pure relaxation.

Our Hours

Monday 9 am – 4 pm
Tuesday 9 am – 5 pm
Wednesday 9 am – 8 pm
Thursday 9 am – 8 pm
Friday 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday 9 am – 5 pm

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110 Papanui Road,
Merivale, Christchurch,
New Zealand 8014

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You are very welcome to request a booking online by completing the form below. Once your online booking has been submitted a friendly member of our team will contact you to confirm your booking. If the time you request is not available we will let you know the closest possible times available.

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Champs-Elysées Day Spa

110 Papanui Road, Merivale,

Christchurch, New zealand