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Universal Contour Wrap


Product Description

Universal Contour Wrap

Minimise cellulite and stretch marks, lift buttocks and bust as well as firm stomach and thighs with the internationally renowned Universal Contour Wrap. This  fantastic detox for your body is a safe and effective way to firm and tone your entire body with a guaranteed minimum 15 centimetre loss on the first wrap!
The Universal Contour Wrap is a fast figure firming and contouring treatment that makes a measurable difference after just one treatment. This unique system of body wrapping uses bandages soaked in a sea clay solution enriched in purifying mineral salts to purge toxins from the body and encourage significant centimetre loss and smoother skin with a marked reduction in the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The Universal Contour Wrap tones the skin in a way that can not be achieved through exercise or diet alone. It stimulates the body’s natural cleansing processes while moulding and contouring body shape.
This treatment has proven to be so successful that there is a guarantee of a minimum 15 centimetre loss on the first wrap! The treatment takes just 2 hours. Once measured, you are wrapped in clay soaked bandages which actively draw toxins from the body while firming and toning. During the time you are wrapped, you sit back and relax in a full body suit which keeps you warm and enhances the detoxification process. At the completion of the treatment, you are unwrapped and re-measured to reveal your results. A course of 3 body wraps is recommended for best results, 7-10 days apart.
All Champs-Elysées Massages and Body Treatments, including the Universal Contour Wrap, are delivered by fully qualified, experienced and professional Therapists.

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